What people are saying about the course.

Hi, I just want to say that the Logic course is absolutely fab-fantastic. The immediate hands-on approach gets you already producing once you're a few lessons in (even without any prior knowledge of Logic Pro).
I think what stands out most with this course is that you not only learn how to use the software, you learn a lot about sound synthesis and engineering - knowledge you can apply to manipulating and getting the most out of any sound in any sound generator in any DAW.
Prior to taking this course, I had looked to learning from a lot of youtube videos, but the lack of structure and omission of what I consider the essential building blocks were omitted; and of course the in-depth knowledge on the 'how' and 'why' were completely non-existent. The course topic flow is just about right, and the access via streaming means every lesson is available from anywhere at anytime. I can't count how many times I refer to the lessons while building my beats.
The high point for this course is the exquisite delivery by Rob - every detail is well explained; and of course the forum holds a wealth of knowledge.
I have no complaints whatsoever on the course, and I am more than satisfied with what I got out of it with the little investment I made. In summary, I absolutely loved it.

Anthony, London

Well I was very sceptical at first thinking that this would be a course like any other course. I was totally mistaken and taken by surprise. For a non-musician who has had minimal exposure to software such as Logic Pro 9 I was taken aback when I got to part 2 on the course.
Apart from being easy to digest with the ability to run the course at your own speed, there is a wealth of knowledge shared by Rob Jones that I found incredibly useful. When I bought Logic Pro 9 I was at a bit of a loss as to whether I had invested wisely. Rob Jones' course has opened up many possibilities and is currently helping to realise how powerful this application is as well as explain what each part does and what it is for. Things like cutting up samples and understanding midi were an anathema to me until I started this course now I am much more wiser. The video tutorials are clear to watch and easy to follow and I like the idea that I can always go back again if I have missed a point.

Bravo! A course well worth investing in!



I've been using Logic for a year and a half and in that time I've watched countless tutorials on Youtube and acquired quite a stack of production textbooks (inc. the official guidebooks). There's a lot of fantastic material out there, but I can't stress enough how helpful your online course has been. Rob obviously knows the programme inside out, and the clarity and structure of his presentation is streets ahead of anything else I've seen. I really felt there was something lacking in my work, and was seriously considering spending thousands on an offline course, but after working through your modules my arrangements sound much more sophisticated and uncluttered. Moreover, I feel I have a set of principles with which to continue improving on my own. Most importantly however, I am now enjoying Logic far more - the emphasis on getting the right parts of the programme talking to each other and managing signal flow make Logic work for you and not against you. I would recommend this course to anyone. The Bass Station is fantastic as well.


I was last involved in music production over a decade ago so although I could remember what Logic looked like, I couldn't remember much else and things have certainly moved on.

Each lesson is very clear and Rob, the tutor, leads you through each video in, ahem, a logical way and starts right from basic orientation of the software through to more complex techniques in the advanced course. I've re-visited many of the lessons several times to remind myself of certain features, and the great thing is you can logon to do so when you get a free moment. I'll often watch a lesson again in my lunchbreak for example.

There's also excellent support from the Producer Tech forums where you can also ask Rob questions. He'll always give a comprehensive reply, and then gently remind you what module you should have watched more carefully because the answers are all there anyway!

Credit where credit's due, the money spent on this course really is far more worthwhile than any money I've spent on equipment. If you need to get to get to know Logic I can't recommend it highly enough.

Simon Haggis - London, UK

I have been spending the last couple of months doing your course and have just completed the basic course. I cannot thank you enough for the help. It has been a very informative course and I am really looking forward to starting the advanced course.

The thing I have liked the most about the course has been the really hands on approach to the tutorial. I find the video tutorial a great way to see first-hand what should be done and find the pdf notes a really good way to reference during the practical implementing of the skills that are gleaned during Rob's tutorial.

This truly is an innovative way of becoming fluent with the Logic Software and has opened up the potential of the product and enabled me to create tunes that I would happily throw myself round a laser filled room to.

Nuff respect and many thanks.

James - Sydney, Australia

The course presentation so far is great, very engaging and gives enough information in any section without overloading. Finding the course notes useful as reference and very happy with the course so far. Been a little busy of late so not immersed myself as much as I would have liked but will be once back from holidays!



I would just like to say that I have found your modules to be extremely helpful and easy to follow! I am very new to the Mac world and Logic and it has been very encouraging to be able to learn the program and use it with great ease (with the help of your modules, of course). Whenever I have some spare time, I log in and go through a module and practise the different functions while creating my own project, and the difference between my projects before taking the online courses and now is unbelieveable! Thank you for everything and I would definitely recommend your site and the modules to anyone who wants to learn Logic at their own pace and on their own time. I can't wait to sit down and start the next lesson, eventually move on to the advance sessions, and then start recording my own live projects and creating my own samples.

Thank you so very much!

Yours in Music,

Toronto, Canada

Before i started the course i already had some knowledge on logic so was unsure wether i needed to start on the beginners course or go straight to advanced. after completing the beginners, id highly recommend it as it covers lots i didn't know and offered interesting alternatives and tips with the stuff i did know.
The advanced course then goes into much more detail. all through the course you get plenty of support from the course tutors and the sample you get thrown in are a massive bonus!



I purchased the advanced course with a slight concern that I would know a lot of the content but it soon became apparent that there was another world of Logic I had yet to encounter.

The modules are very clearly presented and easy to follow and the documentation and supporting files are excellent. The most useful tutorials for me were the Ultrabeat module - which was very comprehensive and informative - and the automation module (the Ultrabeat module would have saved me buying another drum plug in if I had seen it earlier. I can't believe what you can do with it).

What I really like about this course is the fact that is is not just about how to use Logic, but demonstrates useful production techniques as well. Also, I asked a question about something outside the course and Rob was more than happy to assist.

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a thorough and detailed lesson in Logic. For me, the course was head and shoulders above any video tutorial I had seen previously'



Hello Logic Courses team.

I am very very happy with your course since the beginning.
After recording and trying to mix around 10 songs, I felt this self-taught thing was going too slow for me. So I started searching for an online course. First I found Point Blank, but the time schedules (1 weekly module) , the homework, exams and certificates didn't fit my needs.
Then I found your courses.
And now, each lesson I take, seems like I have that plug in Matrix downloading info in my brain.
Rob is very clear, the lessons cover a great amount of subjects, and sometimes I need to stop every 20 seconds to assimilate and try on my projects some of the things I learn.
Thanks a lot guys :)

Hi Rob,

I hope you ok!

I just can not find words for your course, especially the Advanced one. Let me tell you I am really satisfied and happy to do this course. This is a miracle how fantastic and endless opportunities in logic and your explanation is always straight and clear. I find your course mach more better than go to somewhere in to school to do this, its because I can "stop you, rewind you" and I have time go through a difficult part of a certain unit as many time as I want. My Logic knowledge been developed huge!

Thank you very much!

I hope that after I have finished the advanced course I can write a review about it on the Logic-courses.com


Really enjoyed doing the course I have started off with the beginners and will be doing the advanced soon so looking forward to doing that. Rob is a great tutor and goes through the tutorials at a good pace explaining in depth and giving examples. If you are like me and not big on reading manuals this is a great course to begin with as it goes through is the functionality and the shortcuts. Have learnt a lot of tips and tricks which has made everything a lot less time consuming.

Rob - Surrey, UK.

Hey everyone, I would like to take a moment and tell you how much fun I am having doing these courses. I just signed up and already I am learning and doing things with Logic that I have never done before. Rob is a GREAT instructor. He don't go too fast and he break things down well.
The one thing I really love and enjoy about the course is that you get downloads of modules to practice on, so when you done watching the video, you can take time to work on what you just watched and learned, or start your own project and start working on things you just watched. I'm so happy I followed my heart and did this, these courses are going to really help me to advance with my music. Thanks Again.........Erica ("Miss-E") -----Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Hi all,

This course has a good and logical system. Easy to fallow and Rob explaining everything clearly. I already had couple of song before this course but I just started the first units when I realised what a kick I having now! Now I know what I am doing in Logic exactly! So I recommending definitely!

Thanks for all of you guys!


Hey guys,

Rob Jones is an incredibly skilled tutor and Im really grateful to have found such a bountiful source of online teachings with tutorials clearly mapped-out and also most importantly, a user-friendly tone combined with a very comprehensible rhythm that allows me to follow without ever feeling overwhelmed by the subject matter thus allowing me to follow and understand in a hands-on manner the possibilities vs. my capabilities whilst learning and discovering this incredible tool/program.
So, yes, post or edit my testimonial and i will stand by it because for me this is as good as it gets!


I have no doubt but that I landed on my feet with this course and I'm pleased I committed myself (financially).

I'm really pleased I found this course via a web search. I'm pleased I can come and go, stop, repeat and absorb at my own pace. The videos are compact and articulate. I couldn't wish for anything better and look forward to using logic to compose with.

Paul- Brighton, UK

Hi all at Logic-Courses,

I am enjoying the course very much indeed and Rob's clear voice and explanations are great. I am learning a lot and quickly.
At first I didn't realise that you had to download each set of course material in order to access certain elements of the course. I have done this now and it is good to have all the various components for each lesson easily available.



Hi Logic Courses,

At the moment I am only a few sessions into the beginners course but already i can tell that this is an excellent purchase...... after being unsure i decided to take the plunge and enrole on the course. GOOD DECISION on my part... Rob is a very good instructor and all modules are very clear and easy to follow. The bonus about these courses are that if you forget something you can just go back to a video on a specific module and review it and practice again.... anywhere that you want to. This is a must for any music producer beginner like myself.

Excellent work

Best Regards


I am slowly working my way through the videos, and I am delighted so far with the course. Rob's presentation skills are clear and to the point, and the content describes great techniques for how to use the Logic tools thoroughly and creatively. It is also really helpful to have the modules documented in pdf format too so that I can download and print to have as future reference. I have looked at many different Logic tutorials, both free and paid for online, and I have to say that Logic-Courses are the best that I have come across in terms of content and value for money. Thanks a lot!


I'm enjoying the course immensely. One of the main reasons I signed up for the course was because I like Rob's personality and teaching style.

Also I liked the course deal and that it works with both audio (i.e. samples) as well as MIDI in an engaging way.

Best Regards, Michael.


The course is really good, especially the beginners course for me as I use Logic especially to record midi and to do some basic mixes and editing, so I don't usually work with advanced sound design. However the advanced course is also great and it may be very useful when I need to apply more advanced techniques. It's great that a lesson on mainstage was included and I'm sure it will be very useful as I'm a performing musician (keyboards and piano).

I'm also studying from the Apple Series books on Logic Pro but to be able to see the videos makes the learning process much faster and more effective.


Catia Louro - Portugal

Dear sir/madam,

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. I have attended apple one to one sessions, and watched numerous you tube videos, and I think the video tutorials from Rob are head and shoulders above them all. I am really starting to learn about Logic, and enjoying it. Its structured content, and the presentation style are excellent.

Yours faithfully,